IJimmy2013_pp‘m a happily married father of four in my mid-thirties currently working for LexisNexis as a Senior Law School Account Executive (I help law students learn to do legal research).  I am also a veteran, having served during peacetime, in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division (3-504th PIR) in the 90s.

I was recently described as a walking contradiction and I think I agree.  I’m a gadget geek that dreams of living off-grid someday.  I’m a privacy and liberty advocate that works in the Information industry.  I’m an organic gardener with a weakness for fast food.  My musical favorites include selections from classical to thrash (and everything in between).  My political views on some issues are beyond liberal and on others they are extremely conservative.  I collect skills and then choose not to use them (e.g., law degree, EMT certification and so-on).

In my free-time (though there isn’t much) I tend my garden, work on bushcraft/survival skills, exercise, read and cook.  Sometimes I write – for this blog or otherwise.

In the last couple of years, I’ve developed a passion for Epic Fantasy, especially the writings of Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin, and Brandon Sanderson.  Someday, I hope to be the one others are reading.  Someday.

I used to run a blog known as RangerSquirrel’s Ramblings.  I did fairly well with that blog – occasionally seeing as many as 8,000 hits a day near the end.  I made the mistake of trying to turn something I love into something that makes money.  Almost the very second I found some sponsors for the blog, however, I lost interest in blogging.  Lesson learned.  No sponsors.  If you see ads on the side of this blog, they will be for causes I believe in.

The other lesson I learned during my stint as RangerSquirrel is I am personally incapable of keeping a blog to just one theme.  There just isn’t enough for me to write about.  Therefore, everything mentioned above (and more) is fair game for this blog.

The name of the blog comes from the fact that I’m just a bit hyperactive.  Whether it’s my whole body, my mind, or just my mouth – at any given point in time, James is running.


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