Handsome vs. Toothsome

Handsome is a weird word to me. It somehow evolved from meaning “easy to handle” in the 1400s to “good looking” today (as used to describe a man). When used to describe physical appearance, you’re basically saying you would like to touch him or handle him.

“Toothsome” is similar and the progression from “tasty” to “sexy” makes a lot more sense to me because we use a lot of ‘taste’ words to describe physical appearance, but we use toothsome a lot less often than handsome because it has a creepy connotation. It’s like calling someone a “tasty morsel” and carries a similarly lecherous tone.

Anyway, the point is that according to the English language connotation – wanting to grope someone is perfectly acceptable, but wanting to taste them is not.



Smithwick’s & Shepherd’s Pie at the Emerald Loop

This is just a poem I wrote last year on a business trip to Chicago. Or maybe not a poem – just an effort to take a written snapshot of a feeling I had. Anyway, I found it in my phone tonight.

Smithwick’s & Shepard’s Pie at the Emerald Loop

I shine like well worn leather, and fit like denim and a damp t-shirt.

I’m glowing in a room full of the blind. I’m cool.
And I’m alone and invisible.