Here’s the Thing, Episode 1: “Vegetarian Fed” Poultry


I’ll admit I’m on the organic train.  GMO feed scares me.  Insecticides, born of the chemical weapons industry, scare me.  People dying of things like bladder infections that have developed resistance to antibiotics because of the antibiotics in meat, scares me.  Organic makes sense.  I’m less thrilled about, but “okay” with, free-range, antibiotic and hormone free, and grass-fed meats.  They are all steps in the right direction.

But vegetarian fed poultry is not only grammatically uncomfortable (those poor vegetarians being fed to chickens!), it’s dumb.  Birds aren’t vegetarians.  They love bugs and bugs are not vegetables.  Bugs are a healthy and important part of their diet and, in fact, a bird’s entire role in the life cycle is to regulate the bug and vermin population, pollinate, distribute seeds, and for some species, sing pretty songs.

Do you know what the diet of a vegetarian fed bird looks like? It’s corn.  Yep.  The same GMO, insecticide filled corn that started this whole “special” meat movement to begin with.  Vegetarian fed poultry is just a cleverly branded version of what organic eaters refer to as a “conventional” poultry, but now people are paying more for it than they used to because they are too far removed from the food cycle to understand why it’s dumb.

And here’s the thing: If you think it’s gross to eat something that eats bugs, we need to have a talk about shrimp, lobster, kissing your dog, and the Easter Bunny.



This is the garden as of May 24th.  It’s looking great. I can’t believe how well the broccoli is growing.  Sorry for the abrupt cut-off at the end, I had to edit the video on the fly to email it from my iPhone.